Explaining the Original with a Remake: The Prisoner 2009

This might just be the most obscure show I’ve ever watched. And it’s the shortest in episode count (shortest in time goes to “Get Smart” 1995, if you were interested). And, like the original series, this one was extremely strange and left the viewer feeling discombobulated and confused. When I began watching, I thought the low episode count and the American production meant that the show would be somewhat skimpy on originality. But as I watched, I saw that while a remake, it was almost a recreation, and it really added alot to the original. So let’s take a look at “The Prisoner” 2009.

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Letting the Audience Decide: The Prisoner (TV Showcase #30)

There’s alot to be said for British television, and considering how far behind they were of the American TV industry in the 1950s and 60s, it’s really quite incredible what they were able to do with the limited resources that they had. I watched this show on recommendation from an older Scottish gentleman that I know, and I  wasn’t expecting much after seeing the low episode count. However, the show turned out to be fantastic, and its methods of storytelling fairly blew my mind. That’s why this time I’m going to talk about “The Prisoner”. 

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