The Direction of this Blog Thing in 2017

Boy, did I write alot of stuff in 2016 or what? But this blog is called “One Man and His Banjo”, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned the banjo at all. Not to mention the clever subtitle: “Exploring TV, music, and art one post at a time”, enticing all of you poor musicians and artists who have seen nothing but stuff about television. Well, let’s change that. Here’s what I intend to do with the blog this coming year…

The following are some ideas I may or may not follow through on. But I’ll let you know if I decide to scrap one; for now, just think that these are all happening.

TV Showcase: That’s still going on, but I’ve caught up to where I am now, so you’ll have to wait until I’m done with the show before a new post goes up. In other words, they’ll be happening much less frequently.

Audio Showcase: I listen to tons of audio drama, whether it be old-time radio or iTunes podcasts, and everything in between. There’s some really good stuff out there, and audio drama is super-awesome to listen to while multitasking or driving on long trips. I’ll display some of what I have found to be the better shows out there. It’ll be alot like the TV Showcase, but just for audio shows, not TV.

Stories and poems series: It’s just like the TV and audio things, but for works of creative writing instead. Haven’t you ever wondered what made Robert Frost so great and unique? You haven’t? I don’t care; this is my blog, and I’ll post what I please. Wait… what do you mean you’ve never heard of Ray Bradbury?

Music series: I’ll try to explain musical concepts and singular musical works in ways that can be understood by most anyone, but that music buffs like me who know all of the fancy theory terms can still take something away from.

Random thoughts: Whether serious, funny, or whatever, I might just decide to post something that doesn’t fit with anything else I’ve already mentioned. It’s almost like I’m running a blog or something.

Well, there’s something to get us started on this here blog. Hopefully I’ll actually get to all of that stuff. I’ll organise all my posts into categories, which you can access on the side bar under the “Categories” heading (you don’t say!?). There’s no set schedule, so don’t look for posts every other Wednesday or something like that. And as always, I’m not on social media, so don’t look for me, but I am on YouTube with my channel (It’s called “Michael Lanier”… go figure, right?), so if you feel like hearing some half-baked music and attempts at audio drama, head on over there. Otherwise, I’ll see you, dear reader, with my next post. Here’s to an interesting year.


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