Combining Aerial Dogfights and Scifi: The Dixie Stenburg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater (Stories for the Ear #6)

Here’s another modern-day audio drama that, for some reason, no one is listening to. And why not? It’s freakin amazing! Actually, this show is alot like an updated version of “Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police“, but with scifi thrown in. I’ve seen plenty of World War II dogfighting movies and shows (i.e. The Dawn Patrol, “Baa Baa Black Sheep“, etc), but I’ve never seen or heard a show focus on both that and a spyfi element at the same time. But this show did. That’s why I’m blogging about it. So let’s have a look at “The Dixie Stenburg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater”. 

“The Dixie Stenburg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater” (Dixie for short) started in 2006 and released 50 episodes, ranging from 20 to 40 minutes each, ending in 2010. The show focuses on the Brassy Battalion, a clandestine fighting squadron in World War II. The team is made up of people from all different countries, including Russia, England, France, and so on. The leader was an American woman named Dixie, and together, the team fought Nazis in planes, uncovered secret espionage plots, and discovered nefarious schemes centered around crazy scifi weapons and gadgets.

If you looked at the show’s logo up at the top of this post, then you would see that Pendant Audio puts out this show, and funny enough, on their “About the Show” tab for “Dixie”, they list both “Speed Gibson” and “Adventures by Morse” as major influences for the show. Go figure. But that’s what “Dixie” is: it’s a fresh version of all of the old suspense and adventure shows of old-time radio. It completely carries the vibe of the 40s and 50s golden age of radio, but it also is super-engaging for audiences in the 2000s and 2010s.

Just like “Speed Gibson”, “Dixie” portrays action scenes extremely well and never leaves the listener confused. I’m always wary of large casts in shows, since it’s really hard to develop a ton of characters (just look what happened with Suicide Squad. Hello?), but “Dixie” develops all their characters so well that the listener finds himself liking them all, and all for different reasons. The comedy and bantering between the characters is genuine and endearing, and the sad and dramatic parts of the show are chilling and emotional. The whole show is really well-balanced, and it’s totally worth listening to.

Why are you even still here? Go listen to this amazing show! All of the episodes can be found at They also make a bunch of other really great audio dramas, so go listen to them and show some support. If you do give “Dixie” a listen, let me know what you think in the comments below. Happy listening!


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