Embracing Your Inconsistencies: I Dream of Jeannie (TV Showcase #50)

Well, I made it. I had another show in mind for number fifty, but it was really long and it’s hard to find episodes, so this is what I’ve got instead. It’s hard to believe that I’ve watched fifty complete series’, but here we are. And I’m not planning to stop either. But even though this wasn’t the ideal show for the big five-o (but not Hawaii), it is a really good show, and one that I genuinely enjoyed. But like many sitcoms, it had many inconsistencies. However, unlike alot of sitcoms, it dealt with them head-on. Let’s look at how with “I Dream of Jeannie”. 

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My Official Marvel Diss: A Few Thoughts

Yeah, I said it. I don’t like Marvel movies. What heresy is this? Is it just a movement by me to try to be hipster, not following mainstream entertainment? Or am I just attempting to be controversial for no particular reason? No, my friends, I am in fact a lover of all mediums of entertainment, and there are quite a few modern films that I have found to be very creative and well-done. However, Marvel, which is now dominating TV, theaters, and Netflix, is not among the movie-makers that I find to be putting out films that I can enjoy. What follows is why I hold these views, but keep in mind that by now, I have decided not to watch any more Marvel films, and I’ve only seen the films up to the first Avengers (with a couple of exceptions), so I’m not claiming to know all about Marvel, only what I have seen.

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Me, Candy Crush, and this Game Show thing: A Few Thoughts

Why the heck am I writing about a game show? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I am a huge fan of the Candy Crush mobile game. Every week, fifteen new levels are released, and every week, without fail, I make it to the last level, which at the time of this writing is nearing 2,700. So I got a little excited when the game show was announced to be coming to TV. Until, that is, I realised what a horrible idea that was. And still is. Let me explain why this show is not only terrible, but also rigged. And no, this isn’t a TV Showcase. A show like this isn’t really worth one. 

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