Blog and TV Updates (Once Upon A Time, Riverdale, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, Time After Time, Bewitched, and other stuff)

So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything, and it’s been a really long time since I did any TV Showcases. But fret not, dear readers: there’s some exciting stuff happening in the world of TV and podcasts, and I want to hit on some of that, and other ideas I have for the blog as I embark on year three of One Man and His Banjo. So let’s just get all this stuff outta the way.

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One Year of One Man and His Banjo!

One year ago today, I started this blog, One Man and His Banjo, really so I wouldn’t forget information about television shows I’d watched and observed. But blogging has turned into a really fun thing for me, and I’ve enjoyed putting together all seventy posts on this blog (this is my seventy-first)! Thanks to anyone who’s read, liked, or followed my blog in the past year, and stay tuned for more fun stuff in year two of One Man and His Banjo!

The Direction of this Blog Thing in 2017

Boy, did I write alot of stuff in 2016 or what? But this blog is called “One Man and His Banjo”, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned the banjo at all. Not to mention the clever subtitle: “Exploring TV, music, and art one post at a time”, enticing all of you poor musicians and artists who have seen nothing but stuff about television. Well, let’s change that. Here’s what I intend to do with the blog this coming year…

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