Me, Candy Crush, and this Game Show thing: A Few Thoughts

Why the heck am I writing about a game show? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I am a huge fan of the Candy Crush mobile game. Every week, fifteen new levels are released, and every week, without fail, I make it to the last level, which at the time of this writing is nearing 2,700. So I got a little excited when the game show was announced to be coming to TV. Until, that is, I realised what a horrible idea that was. And still is. Let me explain why this show is not only terrible, but also rigged. And no, this isn’t a TV Showcase. A show like this isn’t really worth one. 

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Thoughts on the End of Sherlock and Comparing with the Sherlock Holmes Stories

Okay, a couple of things. Yes, I know this picture is old, but it’s the best I can do. Also, I was going to focus alot on the Sherlock Holmes book canon and launch my proposed writing series, but I just don’t know enough English nuances to be able to write something like that. I can only identify entertainment techniques. So that writing series won’t be happening. The last thing I’ll mention is… oh yeah, Sherlock just ended. And before people start freaking out and saying “But the ending was awful” or “There’ll be a series five, just wait!”, here’s what I’ll say to those fanboys and fangirls and fanothers when the time comes. …that “fanothers” was a joke, by the way. I realise that any given blog reader might or might not have caught that. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about “Sherlock“.

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